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Japanese Dragon God Hooded Blanket Limited Edition

Japanese Dragon God Hooded Blanket Limited Edition

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Japanese Dragon God Hooded Blanket 

Limited Edition 

Ryūjin "dragon god" was the ruler of seas and oceans, and described as a dragon capable of changing into human form. He lived in the undersea Ryūgū-jō  "dragon palace castle", where he kept the magical tide jewels.

This Japanese dragon, symbolizing the power of the ocean, had a large mouth. He is considered a good god and patron of Japan, since the Japanese population has for millennia lived off the bounty of the sea. Ryūjin is also credited with the challenge of a hurricane which sank the Mongolian flotilla sent by Kublai Khan. Ryūjin lived in Ryūgū-jō, his palace under the sea built out of red and white coral, from where he controlled the tides with magical tide jewels. Sea turtles, fish, jellyfish, snakes, other sea creatures are often seen as Ryūjin's servants


All Adults & Kids Hooded Blanket

☑️ Outer Fabric: Micro-mink 100% polyester
☑️ Soft cotton hand-feel fabric surface
☑️ Ultra Soft hand feel
☑️ High-definition printing colours
☑️ Double layer hood
☑️ Lining: Ultra Soft Microfiber Fleece / Premium Plush 100% Polyester Sherpa
☑️ Design will never peel, flake or crack


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