Collection: Tatsumi Shimura

Rarely seen in Japan and outside of Japan as Tatsumi prints are extremely rare, highly cherished in Japan, and seldom sold. Tatsumi specialized in bijin ga - prints of beautiful women. He is most famous for his series "Five Figures of Modern Beauties". He says such a thing when Tatsumi was 70 years old. "Even if I get old, I will draw a woman to 80 years old, 90 years old. It is a Japanese sexy woman with sex appeal. However, it is a woman with a sex appeal that is never only beautiful. If I draw a beautiful woman with no sex appeal like a doll, then I have no sex appeal by myself. I don't want to draw a beautiful Japanese woman like a doll. So I want to value sex appeal more to draw a beautiful woman." He has a very similar spirit with the spirit of Utamaro.

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