Collection: The Geishas & Maikos

A series of items and prints to honour the beautiful women who made Japan.

Geisha (芸者) (or geigi (芸妓) or geiko (芸子)) are traditional female Japanese entertainers. They are skilled at different Japanese arts, like playing classical Japanese music, dancing and poetry. Some people think that geisha are prostitutes, but they are not.

The term 'geisha' is made of two Japanese words, 芸 ('gei') meaning 'art' and 者 ('sha') meaning 'person who does' or 'to be employed in'. The most literal translation of geisha to English is 'artist'. Geisha are respected as artists and performers: it is difficult to become one.

Kyoto is the city with the most strict geisha traditions. Geisha have worked there for the longest time. Becoming a professional geisha can take up to five years of training in Kyoto.

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