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Symbolisms Of Anime Hair Colours

Symbolisms Of Anime Hair Colours

Did you know that the hair colours of anime characters hint at their personalities, predominantly female characters?

Take a look at this Anime Hair Colour’s Meanings:

Black Hair: Japanese generally have naturally black hair making it a standard hair colour. Anime characters with black hair are usually traditional, refined, mysterious and powerful, and some with dark past. Although black is mainly associated with evil, it is not so in the case of anime characters with black hair. Some even have positive character traits.

Blonde/Yellow Hair: A character with yellow hair or blonde hair is often the most crucial female lead or the “special someone”. The character traits vary for different anime characters with blonde or yellow hair. While some have good personalities, others are rude. It depends on the character and the plot.

Blue  Hair: A character with blue hair is usually an introvert who is reserved, soft-spoken, and knowledgeable. The shade of blue hair colour is essential in the world of anime. For instance, characters with a lighter blue or sky blue hair colour are often portrayed as cute and approachable.

White Hair: White-haired anime characters are usually mysterious, wise, intelligent and strong-willed with unique abilities. They are also primarily introverts and reserved characters.

Red Hair: Redheads are typically passionate, headstrong, adventurous, aggressive and out-spoken. Whether their characters are good or bad, red-haired anime characters usually have strong emotions and often overreact. They typically possess leadership qualities.

Purple  Hair: A character with purple hair will usually be noble, dainty and erudite. They can be strong, powerful and unpredictable at times. As purple represents royalty, these purple-haired characters are traditionally from noble backgrounds who are after wealth and worldly possessions.

Brown Hair: Anime characters with brown hair are usually ordinary and plain but warm, sincere, friendly, and approachable. In many anime, brown-haired characters are typically close friends or confidants of the protagonists.

Pink Hair: A character with pink hair tends to be cute, naive, and innocent. They usually have upbeat personalities and child-like innocence. They are generally female protagonists or the love interest of the male protagonist.


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