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Zabuton are rectangular cushions, sort of like miniature futons, that make sitting or kneeling on the floor for long periods of time far more comfortable. With almost a thousand years of history behind them, zabuton hold a special place within Japanese culture.

Once enjoyed only by people in high-status positions like the imperial court, or esteemed Buddhist monks, zabuton are now an essential part of daily life in Japan. They have also become a necessary part of prolonged meditation, and historically have significance within the biggest sumo matches.

Decorated with Japanese Wagara & Sashiko designs for your outdoor or indoor spaces

These very comfortable pillows feature a hidden zipper and include an insert. They come in multiple sizes too (14x20in, 16x16in, 18x18in, and 20x20in), and are very easy to care for.,

Note that all pillows are measured prior to stuffing.

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