Cherry Blossom, Sakura & Hanami

Cherry Blossom, Sakura & Hanami

Cherry blossoms, or sakura in Japanese, are a beloved symbol of spring in Japanese culture.
Each year, the arrival of the cherry blossom season is eagerly awaited and celebrated with outdoor picnics, known as hanami, and festivities.

In addition to the natural beauty of the cherry blossom trees, the sakura flower has also become a popular design element on a range of products, including shoes and clothing.

It is not uncommon to see shoes, hoodies and other items decorated with sakura during cherry blossom season, as well as throughout the year.
These products are a fun and stylish way to show your appreciation for the beauty of the flower.

Cherry blossom season is usually March or early April, depending on location and weather.
The flowers only last a few days to one which makes the season of flowers a short but beautiful time of the year.

One of the most popular places to view cherry blossoms in Japan is in Tokyo, home to several parks and gardens famous for their cherry blossoms.

Ueno Park, Yoyogi Park and Shinjuku Gyoen are all popular destinations for hanami parties, the trees in these parks are often lit up for a beautiful illuminated display.

In addition to parks and gardens, cherry blossoms can also be found along canal rivers, such as the Sumida River in Tokyo and the Okawa River in Osaka.

These areas provide a scenic setting to view cherry blossoms and enjoy a boardwalk or boat ride.
Viewing cherry blossoms is a cultural tradition in Japan, and forecasts for cherry blossom season are closely watched and eagerly awaited year round.
The Japan Meteorological Corporation releases a forecast of cherry blossoms in late February or early March, about a month from the start of the cherry blossom season...

In addition to forecasts, there are also several sites and smartphone apps that provide information about cherry blossom season, including best places to see the blossoms and the current condition cherry blossom front.

Besides the beauty of the cherry blossoms themselves, one of the most enjoyable aspects of hanami is the opportunity to spend time with friends and family outdoors, enjoying food and drink the cherry blossoms.

It is common for people to bring picnic snacks to hanami nights, and many garden parks also have food and drink vendors.

All in all, the cherry blossom season is a truly special time of the year in Japan, and one for anyone who visits the country during this

Whether you are in a bustling city or in a rural area, the sight of the delicate pink and blooming flowers is sure to be a memorable experience.

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